Sunday, December 31, 2006

Time for me to do an "A-long"

In the spirit of joining things and creating things for others to join, I wanted to create a Year Long Stash-A-Long! That's right folks, I intend to do my best to knit and crochet only from the megastash I have created. Now I'm sure there will be the ocassional gotta have a bit of this or that, but as far as projects greater than one skein, that yarn best come from the closet!!

I don't have a button or a blog for this BAL as of yet. I will get back to y'all on that minor detail. If you want to participate just comment on this post and I'll keep a list on my side bar of all the excited and dedicated participants.

I began this BAL this morning when I put the finishing touches on Miss K's cupcake hat. I'm pretty pleased with the end result and will post a photo and commentary in the next day or two.

There is one disclaimer I must include... I may have the chance to purchase some additional yarn at a deeply discounted price and that may influence me a little but, I am going to do my best to stick to this plan. If nothing else, I will only work on the things I've already purchased yarn for so that any new yarn I buy will have to be earmarked for a specific project that will have to be completed in 2008!

My biggest concern is that I have so many projects on my list that I am not sure that I will be able to complete all that I have in the next 365 days! That sounds like a lot of days, but I have many projects to complete.

Here is the list that I currently working from:
1. Complete 1 sock of a pair for Mr. K ASAP
2. A toboggan hat and some matching thing (probably a scarf) for Mr. K's sister's B-day that is in 2 weeks.
3. Finish a sweater for Sister K that was started for Momma K 3 years ago but is the wrong size (check guage!!!) Only have to close the under arm seams
4. sweater #2 for Momma K
5. Surprise project #1 this spring
6. Spring sweater for self
7. Clapotis for self
8. Dress for Miss Knotty that I have enough yarn to do for her for 2008 so that may have to be next year.
9. Scarf for MIL K
10. Yet another sweater for self
11. Complete a few baby gifts
12. Create a few baby gifts
13. Winter sweater for Mr. K
14. Finish a sweater I started last year that I'm not sure if I have enough yarn to finish! :-0
15. Finish a ribbon pocket book that I started a long time ago
16. Make the French Market Bag
17. Short and Sweet Bolero from the Happy Hooker Happy Hooker for self

There's even more than this but I don't have the list in front of me and I'm feeling too lazy to get up and go get it. Let's just say that I have enough yarn that my stash may never end!

Hope you all have a safe and Happy New Year's eve and 2007!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

FOB Big Finish!!

Borrowed from Knitty Yoda

FOB #3 Three projects that are happily now on my to-do list:

3. Finish two vests I'm crocheting - 1 of which will be ready in the next 36 hours and best of all, these are for ME! ME! ME!
2. Make a sweater for Momma K.
1. Start Mr. K's sweater

FOB #2 The two best Christmas Presents I received a child

2. This one is a bit of a tie my Fisher Price Little People barn, house, school and town. I spent hours upon hours playing with these. Best of all, I still have them! They are at my parents' home and will be there for Miss K to play with when she visits them. Also in 2nd place would have to be the FAB Springbok jigsaw puzzles I received each Christmas. I got one each year and I still have most if not all of them. I even cruised the ailes at the local Hallmark store to see what was available this year. I haven't received one in years but I still want them!

1. My roller skates. I felt so free on these things! I could go fast or slow, forwards or backwards, I could shake my groove thang or I could be formal and reserved. It was MY thing. I skated because I loved it not because it was a hand-me-down activity from a sibling. I want to take Miss K skating some time and have her say "WHOA! I didn't know Mommy could move like that!" :-)

FOB #1 The thing I want most for Christmas.

I have to say that I was with Knitty Yoda on this one! Mr K. asked me over and over what I wanted and that was really all that seemed to matter. I want my girl and my neice and nephews to grow up in a world that is safe for them to exploree. I want them to appreciate other cultures while preserving their own, but not seeing something that is "different" as "wrong."

I did received some lovely items and am happy to have them but would gladly trade them all for my #1 wish.

Friday, December 22, 2006

FOB #4

F.O.B #4: What task are you glad to be finished with?

4. The annual mailing of the Christmas cards - I like doing these.
3. The annual 450-mile holiday trek (900 round trip) - Good to go away, good to come back home.
2. Giving Miss Knotty a ton of medication to get her over the croup (came down with it first night we were at my family's home) as she HATES having that stuff squirted in her mouth!
1. The pedicure socks I'd been looking at since the summer. Mind you I still have flip-flops and yarn, so there will be others, but I'm done for now! :-)

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

FOBs 11-5

FOB # 11 Eleven holiday favorite films.

11. Elf
10. Emmet Otter's Jugband Christmas
9. White Christmas
8. The Christmas Story
7. Little Drummer Boy
6. For Mr. Knotty, Christmas in Connecticut
5. The Christmas Box
4. The Walton's Christmas Movie
3. Charlie Brown Christmas
2. The Original Grinch (Cartoon/Animated)
1. Frosty the Snowman

FOB # 10 short statements summarizing what advice you would give another person, the 10 most important lessons you've learned so far." These for me are the first things that came to mind. I'm sure there are others that are more important than these.

10. "No one wants your bad attitude so keep it to yourself."
9. "Don't ask the question unless you are prepared for the answer."
8. "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."
7. "For reasons that are completely unknown to you, there will be people who just don't like you."
6. "Try to live the most authentic life you can and don't have regrets about that."
5. "The most influential role model for a child is the same-sex parent. Try not to pass your 'junk' on to them."
4. "A short pencil is usually better than a long memory."
3. "You can do most anything you set your mind to, therfore "I can't" is just a mindset."
2. One of the Beattitudes: "Don't date someone that wouldn't make a good mate because you never know when you may fall in love."
1. Trying to follow The Golden Rule is a real challenge. I like a challenge, and honestly I'm still a work in progress; prone to make mistakes.

F.O.B. #9 "Bits of info about the number 9" I wonder who came up with this one!? :-)

9. 9 is actually the 10th number if you start counting with 0
8. The sqaure root of 9 is 3.
7. If you turn a 9 upside down it looks like a 6
6. If you turn it on its side it looks like French horn
5. If you turn it the other way it looks like a snail.
4. On the 9th day of Christmas my true love gave me Nine Ladies Dancing
3. August is the 9th month
2. Reading from left to right, 9 is the 10th key on the 2nd row of this keyboard
1. 9 is the number of lame items on this list.

FOB #8 8 projects I'm working on or have recently completed.

8. Miss Knotty's cupcake hat
7. Pedicure socks for Sister Knotty
6. Surprise for Mr. Knotty
5. Bolero for myself
6. Flower washcloth for friend of Knotty
5. LOTS OF BABY knitting for friends of Knotty
4. The dress that never ends (need to sew one seam)
3. Bolero to match the dress that never ends (need to sew 2 underarm seams)
2. Shawl with yarn from Sister Knotty
1. Baby item for yet another pregnant friend!

F.O.B. # 7: What knitterly items would you most like to receive this holiday?

7. Interweave Knits mag (Thanks Mom Knotty!)
6. Interweave Crochet mag (hoping MIL Knotty will give me this one)
5. The Opionated Knitter by E. Z.
4. Knitting Without Tears also by E.Z.
3. To awaken and find that all incomplete projects had magically finished themselves.
2. I'd like to find a lotion that rejuvenates tired knitting and crocheting hands.
1. I'd like the ability to find more ways to share my love of knitting and crocheting with others. A gift that keeps on giving.

F.O.B. #6 When do you procrastinate?

6. When it involves a PAP smear.
5. When it means putting down needlework for chores I don't want to do
4. When it involves taking out the dogs in the cold night air.
3. When it involves laundry
2. When I know that it can just plain ol' wait until tomorrow.
1. When it involves doing something for someone who doesn't do things to help themselves.

FOB #5 How I satisfy my different senses during the holiday season.

5. Sight - Love to look at Christmas lights and outdoor decorations!
4. Taste - Christmas home-baked goods!
3. Touch - Rubbing the red-rosy cheeks of my Angel baby
2. Sound - listening to Christmas carols and music
1. Smell - Smelling pine needles on real Christmas trees

Friday, December 15, 2006

Still playing along

I'm still a FOB girl but this week I've also been a get the laundry done, pack the car, wrap the gifts and knit like a maniac girl!!! We leave tomorrow for a short stay with my family and holiday time with them. I will be back next week and will catch up on the FOB.

To Brooke: No worries and thanks for the APB. I didn't even read your lists the past few days for all the reasons stated above. In regards to your little fella, have the ruled out reverse peristalsis?

Gotta run! Next week!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

FOB #12

Here are my 12 "I Will Not" vows that I make every holiday season that seem destined to be broken.

12. Intentionally deleted

11. Intentionally deleted

10. Intentionally deleted

9. I will not become irritated when I see kids open their gifts and look around like "that's all we got from you? Great." At that moment I would like to whip out the Little House on the Prairie episode when all they got was a new tin cup, a candy cane, an orange and a penny. Take that!

8. I will not cry when I watch "Emmit Otter's Jugband Christmas."

7. I will not miss the Christmas Eve service at Church.

6. I will not stress eat my way through the holidays.

5. I will get plenty of rest while visiting my parents.

4. Mr. Knotty and I will not have an arguement caused my the tension-induced environments we are in at that moment.

3. I will not have ugly photos taken of myself.

2. I will remain calm when my child starts to get cranky while traveling. It could me as a pregnant woman riding on a donkey's back to "get counted."

1. I will, this one is a real promise, not a sarcastic one, try very hard to remain focused on the reason for Christmas. It's Jesus' birthday. He is the best gift we've ever received, a Saviour. That's why we give gifts, to celebrate His birth and the promises God made us for eternal life when He gave us Jesus. It's not about any of the things mentioned above. When I remember this, everything else becomes so meaningless. "God Bless Us Everyone." - Tiny Tim

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

FOB #13

What, as a mature, rational adult, do you still believe beyond all fact and reason?

13. That I WILL be a size 10 again.

12. That your own gas will never smell as bad to you as someone elses.

11. That Bret Favre will win a Super Bowl ring.

10. That my youngest labrador retriever will grow up and calm down.

9. Intentionally left blank!

8. That one of these days I will get my basement clean.

7. That one of these days I will knit and crochet my way through my yarn stash! HA!

6. That my dear husband will finally understand me and give "girl-like" responses when I'm having a crisis, and that he will not take the typical-male "What-do-you-want-me-to-do-about-it" position.

5. That my child will rapidly pass through her terrible 2's.

4. That there are angels among us. One brought us our daughter. Really happened.

3. That God has a plan for me in this life and beyond.

2. I beleive the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way. Show them all the beauty they possess inside.

1. That music soothes the savage beast. It sure calms down Miss K!

Monday, December 11, 2006

FOB #14

You want me to come up with 14?!?!

14. It's easier to knit in short sleeves because my needles (the ends) always get caught in my cuffs. The exception here is knitting with a cable needle. Crocheting does not discriminate against your attire.

13. Yarn that is particularly hard to frog because it is snagging on itself should be, in the words of Col. Klink, "be sent to the coolah!" It will let go a bit easier if it is frozen a more brittle.

12. Placement of the facial features on a hand-made animal or doll is critical to the final look it will have. It's amazing what moving eyes a fraction of an inch will do to the expression!

11. Excessive secret and holiday knitting and crocheting will dry your hands out and make them rough where the yarn repeatedly touches them.

10. My husband's hunting headlamps is the best in-the-dark knitting tool going! It has 3 shades of light, one of which is green and it's really easier on the eyes.

9. As a new knitter I became a needle snob. I had crocheted with metal hooks for so long that I loved the thought of bamboo and wood needles. Now I realize the value in the metal hooks and needles and am a needle snob no more.

8. Also after learning to knit I became a knit snob. I thought that crocheting was for people much older than me. How dumb is that? Now I know the error of my ways and see that they are each a beautiful and wonderful work of art and when combined form a delicous feast for the eyes!

7. I did not expect to become tearful the first time I covered up Miss Knotty with the blanket I made when I was still pregnant. Now that she is old enough to sleep with a blanket I really love covering her up with the one I crocheted in my 3rd trimester.

6. Zip-Lock style bags really are the best things to carry your current, working projects in! Everything stays right in place from the pattern to the hook/needle and the yarn is protected from accidents and toddlers! On that same note, I like to put all the yarn I've purchased for a particular project in one of these. Then I write the name of the project, what book the pattern is in, and what size I was planning on it to be.

5. I lke to store my free and downloaded patterns in page protectors. I place these in notebooks and have them organized by what they are: accessories, baby wear, sweaters, toys, etc.

4. You will be surprised how many resources there are on the web - patterns, tutorials, yarn sources, friendly blogs, etc.

3. I am still learning so much about knitting and crocheting. I've been crocheting for 13 years and knitting for 4 years and with every project I learn something new.

2. People who craft in any fashion are generally out-going, resourceful, bright, fun-loving and helpful!

1. There is nothing like seeing someone wear and enjoy what you've created! Especially your little sweetheart!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

FOB # 15

My top 15 most memorable moments:

15. I know it is sooo predictable so I might as well get it out of the way. It may be cliche' to some but it is so very true - the day Miss Knotty was born.

14. Being at game 7 and seeing the 'Canes win the Stanley Cup

13. Completing the marathons - each very different in their own way, both extremely emotional experiences

12. White water rafting the class 5 on the Chattooga River (the same one Deliverance was filmed on)

11. My first day in another country (Germany June, 1993)

10. The first time I took a road trip alone - boy how I loved that freedom

9. Seeing a rather large and dark spider with a trout minnow in its clutches. It was one summer on the South Toe River just outside of Little Switzerland, NC

8. The Christmas I got my speed skates with the blue spruce wheels and grand prix toe stop. I WAS the deal! (6th grade)

7. Marching band in high school. Loved performing and being part of a much bigger unit. I still dream about band.

6. Graduating from college - especially my 1st BS and my Masters. I'm the only one of my parent's children to graduate from college and I did it 3 times over. Even more amazing, a college counselor told me once I would be old and gray before I ever got a degree. Huh! I showed her! Take that Dr. Polly Adams!

5. Going to Auburn football games with my friend Gref Stalnaker. I wonder what he's doing now. He was a dear friend but we lost touch years ago.

4. Working at a Methodist church camp in Dahlonega, GA one summer. I was the lifeguard living a "Meatballs" kinda life! (reason #10 came to pass)

3. Backpacking on Cumberland Island, GA with my friends from #4. That was one cool experience!

2. Saving space here for another terrific moment! Don't want to use 'em all up!

1. Meeting my husband. It was a really chance and short-lived meeting (just me helping him carry his dinner plate to a table, no names exchanged, just pleasantries) and we didn't see each other again for several months but neither of us forgot the other.

FOB # 16

Here are my 8 boy and 8 girl names for Baby Yoda! I am trying to remember who my audience is here and choose for the Yodas. And for Pete's sake would someone tell Mr. Yoda that a short name for a sports playing GIRL might also be necessary! :-D

1. My first choice a girl is: Smithie!!! Love the family history you have associated with this.
2. Phoebe
3. Elise, Emma or Emily (and not just because I have a dear friend with that name)
4. June ('cause we all know you channel the Cleavers at your house!)
5. Ruth (This one and the next are from my g'mas
6. Estella
7. Meredith (I do love this name!)
8. Lillian or Lily

1. Ian (One of the names I had on my own list)
2. Liam (If Miss Knotty had been a boy she would've been William and called Liam)
3. Joshua
4. Noah
5. What's wrong with Steve?
6. Sean (sounded godd with their last name but somehow doesn't have a ring with B's)
7. Can you use a familial last name?
8. Connor

Ok, I know these are the greatest names or that you even like these, but name choice is such a personal topic. I do wish you luck!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

I want to be in the BAL!!

Here are my attempts to catch up on posts 20-16!

20 Things you may not know about Mz. Knotty

20. I am somehow comforted by small amounts of clutter. Too much = madness, too little - sterility.
19. I took music in school from 5th grade through my senior year in high school and probably couldn't play a note now if I had to! But let a marching band play and I will tear up instantly!
18. I love to fly-fish with my husband. I also like to bass fish, but not quite as much.
17. I've completed 2 Disney marathons (2000 & 2002)
16. I like bluegrass music, especially when I'm camping.
15. I like "rump-shaker" music, especially at the beach or if out with the girls. But I don't ever go out with the girls anymore unless it is to the yarn store or the playground.
14. I don't eat beef or pork because of a moment at Zack's. Nothing wrong with the food mind you, just me seeing dead animals instead of food. Somehow there was no problem with the first chili dog but the second one seemed to have a cow and pig with little X's over their eyes. And that my dears was about 5 years ago.
13. I like making new dishes for us to try.
12. I'm sentimental about items that came from my grandmother's kitchens.
11. I am the youngest of 3.
10. If I could choose any God given talent it would probably be being a paino or violin virtuoso or singing.
9. I like the way crayons and play-doh smell.
8. I like to work in the yard - mow the grass, plant flowers, dig in the dirt.
7. If I went back to school to start a new career it would be in meteorology, cosmetology or as a physician assistant. I like science but I want to be stylish too! I also wouldn't mind being a personal shopper.
6. I have a secret desire to be in community theater but I lack the necessary talent!
5. I am terrified of tornadoes! That's one of the reasons I'm so into meteorlogy!
4. I am terrible at remembering things like: lines for a movie, books I've read, if I've taken my medicine (when I am taking something), who played who in what sporting event - even if I was there in the stands!
3. If I could return to any previous vacation spot in the world it would be Hawaii! If it were a new vacation place I think I would choose New Zealand.
2. Since 9/11 I've been terrified to fly.
1. I have an entire dance routine of my own creation to "Baby Got Back!"

19 Favorite Characters - Seeing how I'm not the literary marvel that some of you are, you are going to find my list quite laughable.

19. Bridget Jones - much like me when I dated
18. Charlotte in Charlotte's Web - Smooth as velvet and such a dear friend
17. The main female character in Circle of Friends. Don't remember her name. (See #4 above) - thought she and I had a bit of something in common and I so cheared for her. I liked the book better than the movie
16. Bill Cosby as the Dad on The Cosby Show - what a cool dad!
15. Jodie Foster's charachter in Somersby - Wilderness women are amazing to me!
14. Cindy Lou Who - She never lost site of the potential love in the Grinch's heart and her faith in the people of Whoville.
13. Reese Witherspoon's character in Legally Blonde - I like a girl who won't take "No" for an answer.
12. The mouse and the cricket in The Cricket in Times Square - great book to read to a school-aged kid.
11. Laura Ingalls Wilder - see #15
10. Any of the Steel Magnolias - would like to be one of those myself
9. Hermione - wouldn't mind knowing a little of that wizard's magic
8. Glenda the Good Witch of the North
7. Margaret in Are You There God, It's Me Margaret because she helped me realize that everyone experiences crazy feelings of love and hate at their parents in those pubescent years.
6. Oscar the Grouch - because he would complain with me about having to come up with 5 more of these
5. Bert and Ernie because they would work together as a team to come up with 4 more.
4. The Count because he would provide the final 3 countdown
3. Cookie Monster because he would assist in eating away the stress this is giving me
2. Any character in a book that makes Miss Knotty laugh!
1. Kermit the Frog - WHEW!!

18 things in my kitchen - this will be a much faster post!

18. A Package of D batteries to take to the Babies Morning Out on Wed.
17. Mr. Knotty's Master Gardener notebook
16. The Thanksgiving placemat that Miss K made
15. The coffee pot - really should've come with its own i.v. drip line for me
14. A rubber dining out mat that we use when we take Miss K out to restaurants
13. My Happy Hooker book
12. Receipts that I'm not yet ready to part with
11. A pony tail holder
10. Recycling that needs to be taken out
9. Recipe cards that need refiling
8. A large pot of rosemary that I used to cook with this afternoon
7. One from my collection of Sharpie markers
6. Crumbs and stains that need attention
5. My jewelry
4. Lock for the gym locker
3. Headphones for the gym treadmills
2. The carafe from the shower that needs to be washed
1. A ton of knitting and crocheting things that have lost their way

17 Possessions I can't live without (most are in no particular order!)

17. Chapstick, Vaseline, or Burt's Bees lipstick
16. Moisturizer
15. Miss Knotty's ducky
14. My Debbie Stoller S-n-B book
13. My headlamp for knitting in the dark
12. My own pillow when I travel
11. My knitting bag with enough projects that I will never run out
10. My grandmother's cast iron skillet
9. Southern Living at Home Ultimate Cookbook
8. Dansko clogs
7. The jeans that fit me the best (are there any?)
6. Spanx (assist wiht #7)
5. Ice cream (hinder #7)
4. My wedding rings (in spite of # 6 & 5 he still gave them to me!)
3. Curious George - allows me 30 minutes peace of mind
2. My daughters sweet laughter
1. My husband's warm smile when he brings me a cup of coffee each morning

16 names will have to be in tomorrow's catch-up post. I don't want to rush something so important!