Saturday, July 15, 2006

Current Projects Part 2

Ok.. Soooo I'm making some gifts that I'd like to keep hush-hush therefore no elaborate details, but I can say that I'm MEGA frustrated with these concerns: yarn pooling, pattern selection issues, needle size (I have one number higher and one number lower than what I need, but not the one I need) and I have twice as much yarn than I need (better problem than 1/2 as much). What to do? I will make the 5th attempt to start my secret project and hope that it comes out ok so that I can complete something.

And what's worse? My knitting guru friend (see the It It's Fiber link) is out of town on vaca! Yikes!! She won't be back for a week. Let's just hope I don't have any questions that I can't solve on my own.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Miss Knotty's Posts

July 16, 2006
I am officially walking and can go anywhere I want to all by my lonesome. My Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt T are coming to see me tomorrow and I plan to show them what I can do! Boy will they be impressed.

Today I got two new CD's from the mailman and They are Dan Zanes and Friends House Party and Family Dance. I'd post the link but it's too long and messes up the pretty page Mommy made.

July 12, 2006
I'm currently 14 months old and on this site my name is "Miss Knotty." Thank goodness it's not "Miss Naughty!" These are some the first pigtails I've ever had. My mommy took these at the end of May '06.

I can finally walk with a little help and sometimes without. My intesets are my Ducky, a string or piece of yarn, going outside, puppets, Baby Einstein videos and music of all kinds. My favorite food right now is cantaloupe!

Current Projects

I'm making a dress for Miss Knotty using a pattern in Baby Knits for Beginners by Debbie Bliss using Rowan's All Season Cotton. I love the yarn but can't figure out why the hem keeps rolling. This is the 2nd attempt at this same section. One can't help but wonder if there is rolling because the yarn got a bit twisted when I began ripping the 1st attempt? I'm considering putting it aside and starting another section to see if I have the same problem.

I'm also working on a few surprises for people I know and love. Since I can't say more about that at this time, y'all will just have to wait and see!

Creations that Preceded this Blog

The boots were the first thing I made for our baby before "it" was born in April '05. We hung one with the stockings at Christmas while I was still pregnantl. I loved that they were rugged and outdoorsy while also being soft in texture. The pattern is from Candi Jensen when she appeared on the DIY network. A link to her book is with the bomber hat pic. Here is the pattern: Scroll until you see "Suede Booties." They are made using Beroccco suede and Crema. After she was born I made her a pink pair of these using Annie Oakley from Berocco (see links below) . Sweater is from the cover of Debbie Bliss' Special Knits for Babies : 22 Gorgeous Handknits for Babies using 1824 Cotton in Maize.

I made a crib blanket using Bernat's Cotton Tots yarn in Koolade I will post that in a few days. The pattern is a simple repeated shell that I improvised to get the dimensions I wanted to fit her crib. I added the edge and border so there would be a definitive top and bottom to it.

Believe it or not, after years of crocheting and wanting to learn to knit, a pumpkin hat was what really pushed me to learn. Tyne Daly was on the Rosie O'Donnell show and she had made hats for Rosie's children. I thought they were cute and that I had to make one! Strange but true. This pattern is from and the yarn is Lion Brand Yarn in Mango and Lime. I added the leaf motif from a pattern in Nicky Epstein's Knitting on the Edge.

This bomber hat is also made from Berocco Suede in Wild Bill Hickcock and Roy Rogers. The fleece is their Plush in Crema. The pattern is by Candi Jensen on DIY's site Scroll down until you see "Suede Baby Hat." Candi is the author of Candy Babies : Cute Crochet For Wee Ones.
The fleecy little strap is so soft that she never seemed to notice it was there.

I also made her using different colors. Will have to post a pic of that later.

Additionally, I made her a Christmas hat that I don't have a picture of yet. More excitement to come.